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Bug 3244 :

Status: Unchecked


General information


Segmentation fault Signal

2017-11-30 14:53:44.203


Current thread: main thread

---- thread main
virtual void GeopsyPackCore::PackageEnvironment::xml_writeChildren(QGpCoreTools::XMLStream &, QGpCoreTools::XMLContext *) const:165
void QGpCoreTools::XMLClass::xml_save(QGpCoreTools::XMLStream &, QGpCoreTools::XMLContext *, const QGpCoreTools::XMLSaveAttributes &) const:306
QString QGpCoreTools::XMLHeader::xml_saveString(bool, QGpCoreTools::XMLContext *) const:126
QString GeopsyPackCore::PackageMerge::join():136
void InstallationWizard::startInstall():474
void InstallationWizard::on_previewInstall_clicked():453

---- thread main
---- thread main

Developer comments (common to all duplicates if any)

Still no comments.

Systems and versions

Apple ??
  Qt                  5.7.1
  QGpCoreTools        0.0.0-snapshot-20171024 from geopsypack-0.0.0-snapshot-20180412	(built on 20180412114227 commit 6cd6af381a23586540a91a0cab30c2b70b0c8ae7)
  QGpGuiTools         0.0.0-snapshot-20171024 from geopsypack-0.0.0-snapshot-20180412	(built on 20180412114229 commit 20b0dce8893347669a484afac0c1f2d92acbff2b)
  geopsypackinstall   0.0.0-snapshot-20171024 from geopsypack-0.0.0-snapshot-20180412	(built on 20180412114532 commit 825ab26cb4791e6849d41ff355689dc1b9e8ec5c)

Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10)
  Qt                  5.7.1
  QGpCoreTools        0.0.0-snapshot-20171024 from geopsypack-0.0.0-snapshot-20171024	(built on 201710241957 commit 6a91c8c2214e7993d48e48a9d4e276c68bdbb9bb)
  QGpGuiTools         0.0.0-snapshot-20171024 from geopsypack-0.0.0-snapshot-20171024	(built on 201710241957 commit 23104ae7e68054023a2d7687e31ee122fe943811)
  geopsypackinstall   0.0.0-snapshot-20171024 from geopsypack-0.0.0-snapshot-20171024	(built on 201710242002 commit 1c1c00b79027914e13d3cebcaf21d88ddbf731d6)

User comments

32442018-10-15 13:00:28Hi there, I'm a geophysicist at Hochschule Bochum, Germany, and I was trying to install the gpdc tool (mac os high sierra) when the error occured and the process crashed. Any idea how to fix it? I would really like to use the tool for my research, so any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks! Best wishes, Katrin

User reports

35202017-11-30 14:53:08
40552018-10-15 13:00:28
41282018-11-12 09:03:27