Geopsy package [src]

Release: 0.0.0-snapshot-20190521

dinver Graphical environment to solve inversion problem using Neighborhood Algorithm or Monte-Carlo sampling. Various plugins are proposed here for solving common problems. You can define your own based on the template provided here below.
dinverdc Inversion of dispersion curves (Rayleigh, Love, Phase and Group velocities, higher modes), autocorrelation curves, ellipticity curves, ellipticity peak and refraction travel times. Joint inversion are also possible.
dinverext Plugin to run the forward computation in an external command.
dinvermatlab Plugin to run the forward computation in Matlab.
GeopsyLand New item, no description available yet.
figue Figure edition. A graphical tool to merge various plots picked in all other geopsy softwares. Creating XY plot from command line is a breeze. It can also export to ps, pdf and bitmap image formats.
geopsyfigs Plugin needed to export graphic signal from Geopsy to Figue.
gpcoord Coordinate X,Y operations: distance, azimuth, conversion from/to lat/long, array limits,...
gpcurve Curve processing: resample, cut, interpolate, derivate, integrate,... Exactly the same actions as inside Dinver (module dinvedc) but through a command line. It can also sample an analytical expression to generate functions.
gpdistance Calculates distances and azimuth between named points (aka stations). Uses a lookup table for station coordinates. Such lookup is difficult to implement with awk, the reason for writing it in C++.
gphistogram Constucts interactive 2D histograms from any data set (couples X, Y).
gpmaplayer Build a geo-referenced background map from Google static API and save it as a .layer file. Useful for WARAN station positionning in urban environment.
gpsort Sort curves stored in a text file (one after the other, various columns for X, Y,...). Usefull to re-order curves produced by gpspac and pipe them to figue in the correct order (play with option '-cpp').
gptime Converts time formats.
gpviewmax Data analyser for Love/Rayleigh FK max files.
Signal Processing
campbelltob3 A module to load Campbell TOB3 files, written for CR6
geopsy Graphical environment to view, organize and process signals. Most of the geophysical file formats are automatically recognized. Geopsy features can be extended through plugin tools. A selection is available here below.
geopsyarray Plugin tool to extract dispersion/autocorrelation curves from arrays of stations. It includes processing for both passive and active recordings. Main contributions from M. Ohrnberger and A. Khoeler (University of Potsdam).
geopsydamping Plugin tool to compute damping: based on random decrement for a single station measurement. Based on original Phd work of F. Dunant (LGIT, 2005, These_fdunand.pdf).
geopsyhv Plugin tool to compute H/V spectral ratios from single station ambient vibrations. A sub-product from SESAME European project (2001-2004) with main contributions from J.-L. Chatelain (aka 'Gaillot'), B. Guillier and P.-Y. Bard (LGIT).
geopsynr Plugin tool to increase (or to try to) the signal to noise ratio in active seismic. Basic and enhanced stacking technique. T0 adjustment (even to a fraction of sampling period).
geopsyptmotion Plugin tool to plot particle motion from 3-component recordings (projection on all planes).
geopsyrefra Plugin tool to pipe picked arrival times from Geopsy to Dinver.
geopsytfa Plugin tool to compute a time-frequency analysis based on Morlet wavelet. Main contributions from M. Kristekova (University of Bratislava).
gpfksimulator Educational tool for FK array response
gpsignal Computation of custom cosine signals. Stacks of multiple frequencies and phases. Support for phase shifts between various station locations.
hvtfa Plugin tool to extract Rayleigh ellipticity from single station measurements (still experimental).
matfiles Add import/export of Matlab .mat files as signals
spac2disp Post processing tools for SPAC method. Check consistency between autocorr curves computed for various rings. Based on original work from Wathelet et al. (2005). Support for 1C and 3C analysis.
vslarray Virtual Seedlink Array: emulate a real-time WARAN acquisition from a Geopsy database. Requires the installation of Seiscomp>=2.6 with mscan plugin
Signal Processing Core Tools
geopsy-fk FK processing for ambient vibration arrays.
geopsy-spac FK processing for ambient vibration arrays.
gpreplace Text replacement using regular expression. Support more features than grep or sed, it can handle patterns over several lines.
dascubed Seiscomp plugin for DASCube. Listen to a TCP-IP socket for distant control (parameters, start/stop).
waran Real-time analysis of ambient vibration arrays for WARAN aquisition system
warand Core processing daemon (under development)
waranecho Echoes characters to a WARAN display (Crystalfontz LCD).
warangps GPS Positioning for WARAN aquisition system. Replaces build_array for theoretical array response computation.
warangpsd GPS daemon for WARAN acquisition system.
warannetd Activates leds and display messages according to the number of available network neighbors
waranscreend Screen daemon for WARAN acquisition system.
Wave tool
gpdc Computation of theoretical dispersion curves.
gpdcmisfit Recomputation of misfit. Did you generate a collection of models that you want to use as the starting population for slightly different dispersion curve? No problem, correct misfits and import it.
gpdcreport Query tool for binary inversion report produced by dinverdc. With option '-pm' this tool is also usefull for all report types produced by dinver (e.g. dinvermatlab, dinverext or any custom inversion plugin).
gpdepths Generates standard thicknesses (that follow a gemetrical progrssion) and corresponding 1D parameterizations.
gpec8 Output EC8 soil category from a 1D wave model. Classification here is based only on Vs profiles. The official classification includes other parameters not covered by this tool.
gpell Computation of theoretical ellipticity curves.
gpgridsearch Generates models with a grid search.
gpgroup2phase Convert group velocity dispersion curves to phase velocity. Hmm! The solution is not unique. Ok this tool scans for various possibilities.
gplivemodel Interactive computation of theoretical dispsersion curves, ellipticity curves,... through a graphical interface which lets you playing with cursors to adjust model parameters.
gpmodel2param Transforms a 1D wave model into a ground parameterization that you can import inside Dinver (dinverdc plugin).
gpmt Computation of theoretical magneto-telluric curve.
gpparam2model Generate 1D wave models given a parameter set and a parameterization definition.
gppoisson A memo for Poisson's ratio formula. Quick transform from Vp, Vs to nu and vice-versa.
gpprofile Transform a 1D wave model into a plotable curve. Can also compute a variety of useful profiles from 1D wave models: impedance, Poisson's ration, travel time average (Vs30 or VsZ).
gprandom Computes random values with ran2 (uniform probability, support for lot of computations).
gprefra Computation of theoretical refraction travel times (1D model or tilted model).
gpsh Computation of theoretical SH transfer function for a 1D wave model (Fortran implementation from P.-Y. Bard, LGIT).
gpspac Computation of theoretical autocorrelation curves.
gptarget Manipulation of dinver targets through command line. This tool can add, delete, or extract curves to or from .target files.
gpviewdcreport Ploting tool for report files produced by dinverdc plugin. Provides the same output as inside Dinver graphical interface for automatic bash scripts.



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