GEOPSY App Scaling on High DPI Displays for Windows systems (problem FIX)

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GEOPSY App Scaling on High DPI Displays for Windows systems (problem FIX)

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The problem:
When the GEOPSY apps are running in Windows Operating System with High DPI display resolution 2K or 4k, the processing menu buttons, icons, text and windows are minimized and/or misplaced.
Below the GEOPSY display before the problem FIX (see the too small icons of the processing tools, and window buttons)

The solution:
The proposed solution is suitable for any application running in Windows system which exhibits the scaling problem when our PC has a high DPI display.
We must tell to Windows that it is not DPI aware and let it scale everything properly. This objective is obtained using a .exe.manifest file. The .manifest file is an XML file that contains detailed information about the application and the activities in the application: in our case we ask to Windows to let the scale as defined by GEOPSY applications.
I fix the problem on my ultrabook HP elitebook 360 touchscreen with a high DPI resolution of 3800x2160 working with Windows 10 PRO.

After the installation of GEOPSY suite with a proper version for your PC (I used geopsypack-46items-win32-2.10.1.exe downloaded from site)
Step1: Tell Windows, with REGEDIT (windows REgistri Editor), to prefer an external appname.exe.manifest file.
Step2: Create with an editor text the external appname.exe.manifest files with appropiate XML commands.
Step3: Copy appname.exe.manifest in the GEOPSY bin folder.

I create the appname.exe.manifest for all GEOPSY apps suite of the Geopsy ver 2.10.1

In attached you find:
-a detailed PDF procedure on problem resolution
-the appname.exe.manifest for the GEOPSY apps

NOTE: The presented solution should be an effective solution for old GEOPSY app versions. The definitive solution should be resolved by new developed GEOPSY apps versions using newest Qt5 libraries that will better fit with most recent high resolution display environments.
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Re: GEOPSY App Scaling on High DPI Displays for Windows systems (problem FIX)

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Geopsy has been recently built against Qt 5.12 on Windows 10. I would be curious if this latest release still faces the same problem with high DPI. Thanks for your tips for the old releases. It will be available soon (a week or so).

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