No rule to make target `compiler_uic_make_all'

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No rule to make target `compiler_uic_make_all'

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During installation of sesarray or any individual package, I get this error message: "No rule to make target `compiler_uic_make_all'". What's all about?

With all releases after May 2006, all configure scripts check explicitly if Qt is available or not. So you should not get the weird message cited here above.

On most Linux system, you get this error because Qt 4 is not completely installed. Effectively, all Linux-kde distributions are currently built upon a Qt3 release and qmake tool is already available on your system but for the old qt version. To check it, just run:

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$ qmake -v
QMake version: 2.00a
Using Qt version 4.3.0 in /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.3.0/lib
This is what you should get (or something like that) if Qt 4 is properly installed. Qt 4 may be incompletely installed for two reasons:
  • You forgot to run: su -c "make install" after compiling Qt.
  • Your PATH does not point to /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.1.2/bin, assuming Qt 4 is installed in /usr/local/Trolltech.
After correcting these errors, it is strongly advised to ./configure before restarting make in sesarray.

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