How to save MASW results from command line?

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How to save MASW results from command line?

Postby agostiny » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:08 pm


I am using a command line for making MASW computation, but don't have anything as output. Although the computation is completed 100%, neither a file with results of the computation nor the freq-slowness plot as in the GUI is obtained/displayed.

Here is the command I am using:
geopsy -db xxxx.gpy -- -tool geopsyarray -slot 3 -group activefk -param activefk.log -progress

There is no saving option in the man page. I tried adding -save <DIR>, but still nothing instead an error message.

Is there an option I am not using for saving the output? How to cope with this issue?

Thanks for your kind help

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Re: How to save MASW results from command line?

Postby admin » Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:01 pm


Thanks for your comments. Effectively, there is probably nothing implemented beyond the scene for saving MASW output. What would you like? Output of automatically picked curves is rather dangerous and probably meaningless. Saving the complete page with all plots and automatically picked curves can be an option. A .page file can produced for viewing in figue. Export of picked curves is then possible but not really efficient if there are many plots. Or alternatively, just pop-up geopsy with MASW computed and wait for user actions to export picked curves.

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