Screen capture of GEOPSY

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Screen capture of GEOPSY

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Dear sir,

As per your suggestions, I am sending you the screen capture of one of our databases loaded in Geopsy as well as another processing software such as SEISAN.

Sensors are Teledyne Geotech S13 & Trillium 120...etc.

Please suggest.
Screen Capure 11.jpg
In Geopsy
(82.78 KiB) Downloaded 154 times
Screen Capure 44.jpg
In Seisan software
(62.44 KiB) Downloaded 165 times

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The black lines are produced by option "Variable Area" which is the default setting (common for refraction and reflection surveys). A black area is plotted between the positive amplitude and the zero base line. They appear like this because your signal have a significant base line offset.

If you upgrade to the latest release (>=20100616), the signal viewer is equipped with buttons at the bottom to adjust the visualization gain, time zoom, and automatic offset removal.

For your particular case, you can remove the 'Visible offset' (see 'Layer' properties or new buttons at the bottom) and increase the normalization factor ( see 'Layer' properties or new buttons at the bottom). You will get similar results to those plotted in SEISAN.

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