Program was running ok, and now it is crashing all the time

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Program was running ok, and now it is crashing all the time

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The program was running without crashing until now. But after selecting an option in a dialog box, the program crashed and is now crashing every time I enter the same action. Report the bug as soon as possible bug at geopsy dot org. Waiting for a bug fix you can probably do a good job by reseting the internal user settings to their default values.

How to access the internal user settings?

All programs in sesarray have an automatic save and restore mechanism for options you select in dialog boxes. The next time the same dialog box is displayed on the screen the latest option selected are restored. Those parameters are saved in a place which varies from one platform to another.
  • Linux or Unix-like systems: all parameters are stored in ~/.config directory. ~/.config/geopsy.conf contains parameters general to all sesarray package. Inside ~/.config/geopsy/, each program saves its own parameters. You can edit all these files without major risk. In case of problem, you can safely remove the files or the directory. You will only loose your personal settings.
  • Windows: all parameters are stored in Windows registry. To access the registry launch regedt32.exe. All parameters are saved in HKEY_CURRENT_USER under "softwares/geopsy".
  • Mac OS X: all parameters are stored natively like all other Mac applications.

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