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Welcome in GeopsyWiki !

Even if Geopsy was mostly written by a single man, it became a collaborative project among the community of engineering seismologists through the European SESAME and NERIES projects. Geopsy is now used by many people around the world but was still lacking of documentation. The GeopsyWiki project was launched to fill this gap and to start opening this software to a larger community. This wiki aims at being constantly updated and enhanced thanks to your contribution.

The community will appreciate that you correct the pages, add appropriate links, add your tricks and update obsolete pages of this wiki. Feel free to use the discussion pages to discuss issues related to a page, a method or its implementation in Geopsy. The Geopsy forum can also be used. All contributions are welcome. The Help page summarizes the most important command lines to write in the Wiki.

The GeopsyWiki team wishes you good work and thanks you a lot for your contribution !

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