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Snapshot production

cd admin
dpversion S
dpversion c
[git tag -a geopsypack-2.1.0-snapshot-20090730 \
         -m "Release Geopsy Pack 2.1.0-snapshot-20090730"]
dpsubdo dpversion S
dpsubconfig -g -f
dpsubdo dpversion c
[dpsubdo dpversion t]
[dpsubdo git tag -a geopsypack-2.1.0-snapshot-20090730 \
                 -m "Release Geopsy Pack 2.1.0-snapshot-20090730"]

For snapshots, tagging can be skipped (never been re-used during the past years).


For Windows and Source distributions, the build process is tested automatically every night. Daily reports

For Mac OS X, the process is also automatic but it runs independently on two dedicated server. Mac OS X operating systems must run on these servers because it has not been possible to cross-compile from Linux. The server are in fact two old Mac Book Pro. There are two servers to ensure a full delivery from Leopard to Montain Lion. Unfortunately, Apple XCode provides back compatibility only down to Lion which might be frustrating for many users still working with older systems. We are trying to fight such commercial attitude.

Things are even worse with El Capitan, it is no longer possible to compile for anything else than El Capitan. So we are sorry, we can deliver only El Capitan and no longer support older OS.


Make sure that versions of individual packages are properly set. See Version management for details.


To remove a tag:

 git tag -d tag_name

Version tags

Automatic version statistics do take into account only changes of .cpp and .h files. All other modification must be checked manually.

 dpsubdo dpversion t

Geopsy Pack tags

Once all tests report success, set all version numbers as explained Version management.

Tag all sub projects

 dpsubdo git tag -a geopsypack-2.1.0 -m "Release Geopsy Pack 2.1.0"
 dpsubpush -f

Tag list of projects and general options. Before tagging, check that the version of the project list has been properly changed !

 cd admin
 git tag -a geopsypack-2.1.0 -m "Release Geopsy Pack 2.1.0"

Release Notes

Release notes are built from commit comments.

dpsubreleasenotes 2.2.1 2.3.0

Eventually edit the final file before its publication:

scp release_notes-2.3.0


Through web interface after an administrator login in "status"